The A.G.E. Pill

The A.G.E Pill™

The AGE Pill’s Super-nutrients Accelerate Your Body’s Reversal Of Aging Agents.

Aging is the result of decay and degeneration in our bodies. If we can slow or even reverse decay and degeneration by providing the proper nutrients, we should be able to slow and even reverse the effects of aging.

The AGE Pill™ provides specialized super nutrients to the stem cells, which enhance and allow the natural processes of the body to operate more efficiently… to do what you want to do, so you can be what you want to be. Now you can be revitalized, and feel as youthful as if you were 20 again.

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“Only day 2 for me but wow.. I can only say.. it works! I’ve got this feeling of excitement in my body, it’s an amazing experience already. I didn’t plan to notice anything yet but already I’m feeling it!”
Jo Hill
“”Day 3. Great results so far. Last night I had a fantastic deep sleep. I am not a great sleeper and I slept right through. It is an amazing sensation when you DO NOT want to wake from such a blissful sleep!”
Greg Humphries

The AGE Pill’s Supernutrients Accelerate Youthful Energy And Vitality.

When we were very young, our bodies grew quickly, with an abundance of highly active stem cells. Stem cells are the master cells in our bodies that are able to transform into any type of cell that we need. As we grew, our stem cells divided and multiplied into the trillions of cells that make up an adult body, and replaced the cells in our body faster than they wore out and were discarded.

As children, we also had all of the energy that we needed to go all day long.  This energy is derived from metabolizing glucose sugars to create electrical energy.  As our bodies break glucose down through oxidation to release the energy that powers the cells in our body, a plaque like residue was left over.  This residue—known as A.G.E. (Advanced Glycation End-products)—accumulates over time, depositing an inhibiting coating over proteins, reducing optimal stem cell performance.

As the stem cells rebuild new cells and maintain themselves, Lipofuscin is formed. Lifofuscin is metabolic waste, a cellular sludge that builds up over our lifetime that clutters cells and greatly inhibits biological functions. It is difficult for our cells to produce the energy they need when this thick sludge inhibits flow and function.

But what if we got some help to clean up the mess and dump much of the accumulated trash left behind by glycation and lipofuscin? Then the stem cells in our bodies should be free to function again at a high level. Scientists now theorize it may well allow our bodies to again produce energy at the same levels as when we were in our prime, much like if we were in our 20’s again.

This is what sets the AGE Pill™ apart from other anti-aging products, into the realm of potential youthful regeneration. The AGE Pill™ provides three classes of advanced, specialized super-nutrients to the stem cells to delivering intense support for:

  1. Removing glycation plaque buildups that inhibit intercellular proteins.
  2. Reduction/removal of toxins and cellular sludge resulting from biological activity creating lipofuscin.
  3. Significantly increasing ATP-providing Biological Hydrogen to greatly amplify cellular electrical energy. Theoretically, this process could increase electrical energy within the stem cells three or four fold, to where you may “feel like you were 20 again!”

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and biological hydrogen are believed to be key in supporting the releases of vast stores of electrical energy to your body. Your enhanced, elevated energy could help your cells to rebuild, rejuvenate and work at more optimum levels, potentially alleviating the ravages to our bodies that occur over our lifetime.

Our powerful and unique synergistic blend, potentially maximizes The A.G.E. Pill’s nutritional content, providing intense support for removing glycation buildup, reducing toxins and increasing ATP, helping you look and feel like you were in your 20’s again.

Help combat the cellular-level functional issues that occur as a result of aging, by increasing ATP–providing biological hydrogen to help amplify cellular electrical energy, and cleaning up cellular waste–allowing the cell to work at potentially optimal levels of youth.

Be Younger, More Energetic, And Youthful. Be You Again!

  • The A.G.E. Pill massively supports your naturally functioning biology.*
  • Helps stem cells to operate at their optimum potential.*
  • Helps boost your energy levels back to a more youthful self.*
  • Removal of the Advanced Glycation End Products.*
  • Increasing ATP-providing biological hydrogen to help amplify cellular electrical energy.*
  • Removal of Lipofuscin.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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180 Capsules
Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 60

Take 6 capsules daily on an empty stomach (3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening).

Do not take if pregnant, nursing, or under 18 years old. If you are taking prescription medication, or have a pre-existing medical condition, consult your healthcare provider before taking this product. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if tamper evident ring or seal is broken. This product may cause temporary reddening of the skin or flushing.

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